CATIA Training in Chandigarh

CATIA is a multi-platform software suite for computer-aided design, computer-aided manufacturing, computer-aided engineering, PLM and 3D.CATIA is a French designed Computer Aided Design (CAD) tool. It is a three-dimensional modeling tool. This tool is used in the design of various objects such as vehicles, buildings, components, etc. It is similar in use to Autocad, NX (Formerly known as UG), Pro-E (Wildfire), and many others. It basically replaced the multitude of engineers/drafters that used to design while hunched over their respective drawings on a drawing board. Our Company at Chandigarh provides the best industrial training as we prefer to work on live projects.

CATIA Syllabus

Module 1 - Sketcher

  1. Introduction to CATIA, History, Basics, GUI, Use of mouse buttons, Sketcher, constraints, profile, setting workbench
  2. Standard toolbar, how to open sketcher, sketch details and important toolbar for sketch
  3. Profile toolbar, Types of constraints, constraint application, constraint colour
  4. Sketch constraint, view toolbar, Operation toolbar
  5. Specification tree use, selecting toolbars
  6. sketch toolbar, Visualisation toolbar
  7. Toolbar setting, plane size setting, graphics properties toolbar.

Module 2 - Part Design

  1. 3D Introduction. Important Toolbar.
  2. Sketch based feature toolbar.
  3. Reference plane
  4. Apply material
  5. Dress up features
  6. Annotation toolbar
  7. Transformation features

Module 3 - Assembly Design

  1. Assembly Design-Bottom up
  2. Constraints, move, space analysis
  3. Product structure tool

Module 4 - Drafting

  1. Drafting details
  2. Text properties, graphic properties
  3. Generative dimensions.
  4. Annotation

Module 5 - DMU Kinematics

  1. DMU Kinematic
  2. Joints
  3. Mechanism and simulations
  4. DMU generic animations
  5. DMU Viewing
  6. Render

Module 6 - Generative Sheet Metal Design

  1. Sheet metal parameters
  2. Wall, Wall on edge
  3. Bend extremities, Flange, Hem
  4. User flange, Bend from flat, Cut out
  5. Rolled wall, hopper, bending
  6. Conical bend, corner relief
  7. Stamping – all types

Module 7 - Wireframe and Surface Design

  1. Extrude, fill, join, trim, intersection
  2. Corner, disassemble, boundary
  3. Fillet, sweep

Module 8 - Generative Shape Design

  1. Combine, 3D curve offset, spiral
  2. Extrapolate, blend, net surface
  3. Conic, variable, offset, snap

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