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We, Code Infotech, knows the value of Social Media in our day to day life. Social Media nowadays become vital in terms of business point of view or in terms of pass the leisure time but what would you say, If we promise, you too can achieve new heights in your Business. Let Code Infotech manage your Social Media Accounts, simultaneously, you focus on giving quality to your Customers. Your Brand Awareness and Followers will be taken care by Professionalists.


Social Media Marketing let you to generate more traffic to your page. The Ad Campaigns which we run on behalf of you, Boosts your Sales in very short period of time. Social Media Ad Campaigns helps to target the audience which you want too deals in, so it will increase your sales by much more times in very low costs. Choose Code Infotech for Social Media Marketing as we offer very best price in the market which will fix in your pocket.


Google My Business, one of the best tools that Google offers to grow locally. It is also known as Google Listing or Local SEO. It is very powerful tool to grow locally. It might be depended on the various factors to rank above. We help you to rank above almost at the first three positions on Google listing. To achieve more in business, local SEO is must for growing ones business. So let’s get started and work upon your business and make it grown in better way.


Do you have a WEBSITE ? Lets do the SEO, because if you are searched by the audience you want, SEO is the best tool to get in notice. Websites without SEO is just Like a cup of tea without sugar, “Useless“. Google provides the opportunity to rank the website above with the best service of SEO. We Code Infotech, provides the best service of SEO so that you will rank on the google and grow you business while we doing the SEO.


Search Engine Marketing is the best tool for getting noticed instantly on the Google. Search Engine Marketing includes many services such as PPC, Display Ads etc. You Know what is best in this? it works upon your Budget and it costs when someone click on your link, otherwise there is no money deduction, TADA! So lets create one and achieve the maximum growth in the business at very low cost and pay for those who clicks.


E-commerce platform nowadays are becoming more and more important in our day to day life. It gives us the independency to buy online anywhere and anytime. It led the businesses to grow more digitally. We Code Infotech provides the services of E-commerce Marketing where you find that your sale is increase by many times which would be not possible by the Mouth Advertisements. ( The Traditional Method).


We are a team of professionals of 25, who work strategically on the projects we get. Our motto is to serve the best to the clients and we only focus on what we do the best for the clients.


We started as a TWO, but now we are a team of 25 including Web Developers, Web Designers and Digital Marketers. Moreover, our Backend team who plays a role of bridge as well as we are the one who believes in quality not in quantity. That’s what we have maintained from Years!


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